100% Loro Piana Vicuna Coat by Harrods UK44 XL

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-A super RARE overcoat, made from 100% Vicuna by Loro Piana-Vicuna is considered the most expensive and luxurious fabric in the world, more valuable than gold.

-The gentleman owned this coat paid 5 figure for it and only worn a handful of times. The price I am selling it for is an absolutely bargain. The true menswear connoisseur will appreciate its value and will surely be able to pass it down to generations to come.

-The market price for VICUNA fabric is £2800 per yard, it takes 5 yard to make an overcoat. so the cost of raw material alone for this coat is £14K!

-Condition is excellent, 9.5/10

-This coat is pure luxury, as not not the outer fabric is 100% Vicuna, the lining is 100% silk, the trimmings around the edges is suede leather.

-Loro Piana I believe reserves the exclusive rights for shearing the vicuna fabrics, therefore as far as the VICUNA fabric is concerned, it is the best quality you can get on this planet. please see the end for an intro of the fabric and its relation with Loro Piana

-Size is UK44, like a XL. please see below measurement:


Pit to Pit 65CM

Shoulder to Shoulder CM (not appicable as it is raglan shoulder therefore can't be measured)

Sleeve Length : pit to cuff is 45CM, collar base to cuff is 80CM(please see last picture how this is measured as due to the raglan shoulder style)

Length from Collar Base to Hem 120CM

-Please note I don’t accept returns, feel free to ask questions before purchase

The fibre of the gods

Vicuña fibre comes from a small member of the camel family, closely related to camels, alpacas and llamas, that lives wild in the Andes at an altitude of over 4,000 metres. This dainty, graceful animal cannot be reared in captivity, and each animal needs a hectare of land to survive. Its fleece is exceptionally fine - the fibre measures only 12.5 microns in diameter - creating a very effective barrier against the harsh winters in the Andes. Vicuñas are sheared from the spring onwards, as the weather gets milder, and they are released immediately back into the wild. The shearing takes place every two years and each animal yields just over 200 grams of fibre. These figures give a clear picture of just how rare this outstanding fibre is, a raw material whose history is closely intertwined with that our brand, and our passion for safeguarding excellence.

Loro Piana has always forged strong relationships with its suppliers. This attachment to quality and this vision of sustainability have enabled Loro Piana to develop the noblest materials, such as high quality cashmere, the finest merino wools in the world from Australia and New Zealand, lotus fiber from eastern Myanmar, and vicuña from South America.

Since the waves of conquest in the 17th century, the vicuña population has steadily diminished, reaching critical levels in the 1980s, when the animal nearly became extinct. In 1984 Loro Piana began working under the approval of the Peruvian government, creating a novel and exclusive partnership to protect the vicuña, while at the same time enabling vicuña fiber to again be used.

To reintroduce vicuña in international markets, Loro Piana formed a consortium with local populations and government agencies. With a focus on total respect for animals’ environment and their freedom, the vicuña benefit optimal care based on local ancestral practices, funded by revenues generated by Loro Piana’s business. The success of this initiative led the House to open a first private nature reserve in Peru in 2008. Thanks to this commitment, vicuña are now a protected species whose population has more than doubled between 1998 and today. In 2013 Loro Piana continued its work by venturing into Argentina. The company acquired shearing rights for vicuña living in an 850-square-kilometer area (85,000 hectares), where it is responsible for developing the current population of wild vicuña.

Condition: 9.5
Brand: Harrods
Garment Size: EU 54 / US 44

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